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Touring Hotel Nagyanizsa

Touring Tranzit Hotel Nagykanizsa

Dear Guest!

Welcome on the webpage of Touring Hotel Nagykanizsa!

Touring Hotel Nagykanizsa Room Nagykanizsa is the centre of the Somogy-Zala hills lying between the western corner of the Lake Balaton and the Croatian and Slovenian border.

At the same time this pulsing border town with its 55.000 inhabitants is the centre of the the South-Western Transdanudian region. This also the traditional transitplace of the trade and tourism heading for or arriving from the Adriatic and Italian harbours.

Our Hotel in Nagykanizsa has designed of high level, 40 rooms with shower and tiolet, with colour TV; comon kitchen, breakfast room are waiting for the guests. Open air parking possibility.

In the town you can find a 20 m long covered swiming pool with saunas and solariums, several shops, supermarkets, shopping centres, theatre and concert hall, discos and night clubs. In the suburb there are possibilities fir riding horses, wellness services and medical bath in Zalakaros, at the weekends organized cycling tours and hikes.

The water of the 15 km far, European famous Zalakaros spa bath (open all year) is effective to cure the problems of arthritis, women's diseases, disorders of the nervous system and gum's inflammation. Touring Hotel Nagykanizsa

The 2-3 week long bath cure is excelent for regaining your energies in case of tireness or exhausting. Tour possibilities: Göcsej museum of old village, Budafa National Park, Kápolnapuszta buffalo reservation, Kisbalaton Conservation Area, Balaton Keszthely bay, Budapest, Csáktornya-Zagreb (Coatia), Celje-Maribor (Slovenia), Graz (Austria). On the motorway E-71 / M7 signs show the way to the hotel, and we'll be happy the greet as our guest.

We look forward to greeting you and your family in our Hotel!

Touring Transit Hotel Nagykanizsa Team

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